Word “pagan” in Armenian sounds like HETANOS, originating from Greek word ETNOS-meaning nation. So Paganism is a national belief. According to Armenian old belief- Arian belief, the Gods and the human has been created by The Creator in Armenia. The big quantity of Armenian location names, including the country name- Armenia starting with AR, proves it. In accordance with the Armenian belief, the only creating nature is the Arian race, which originates from the Creator and the Gods. So the Race is the highest social category. There are immortal Gods, which are the well known Gods of Armenian Pantheon. And [...]


The only language to talk to the God is Armenian. (Lord George Gordon Byron) Armenian is of the oldest languages in the world, the age of which counts more that 5000 years, and according to the opinion of many scientists, Armenian- is the Indo-European basic language. And according to the authors of first Armenian historical comparative method, led by H. Peterman and F. Windischmann, Armenian language belongs to the Indo-Iranian (Arian) language group. In the second half of 19th century, when philology and linguistics started to develop rapidly, German philologist HEINRICH HÜBSCHMANN, proved in his article “The position of Armenian [...]

A Legend About Khorovats (ARMENIAN BBQ)

The Lord created Ari Man/ Arman/ Armen in the Promised Devine Land, in Armenian highlands , where, there were the earthly paradise. The Lord was generous to his creature and gave him everything to enjoy his life. Making use of the divine grace, the man himself created and made. There was a time, ten  thousands of  years ago, the divine creature human being was fed only on plants and roots. He was self-restrained. But the Earth was frozen over. Everything was covered  with a thick layer of ice and snow. The vegetation almost disappeared. Only in mountainous valleys, where there [...]