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Khorovats (barbeque) is the first human made delicacy. In th
Ascent to Ararat
02.08-08.08 und 17.08-23.08 2015 Day 1 The group will depart
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Hotel “Royal Plaza” ***
Recently opened hotel “Royal Plaza” in Yerevan welcomes
Mirhav Hotel
Mirhav Hotel welcomes its guests offering clean, comfortable
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Facade of Atorik Resturant Atorik Restaurant
Restaurant Atorik is located only 4 km from Alaverdi city to the North, on Yerevan-Tbilisi highway, near the Haghpat village, and in a very nice place- on the bank of Debed river. The restaurant food is purchased from the mountainous villages of Lori
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A Legend About Khorovats (ARMENIAN BBQ)

The Lord created Ari Man/ Arman/ Armen in the Promised Devine Land, in Armenian highlands , where, there were the earthly paradise. The Lord was generous to his creature and gave him everything to enjoy his life. Making use of the divine grace, the man himself created and made.

There was a time, ten  thousands of  years ago, the divine creature human being was fed only on plants and roots. He was self-restrained. But the Earth was frozen over. Everything was covered  with a thick layer of ice and snow. The vegetation almost disappeared. Only in mountainous valleys, where there were hot springs, small green oasis’s were remained. In these oasis’s, where there was vegetation, the whole fauna united. As the vegetation was diminished on the Earth, the human being was forced to eat meat. And he hunted the first animal. As a gratitude to the God, Ari man sacrificed his first hunt to Gods  for giving the man  the opportunity to live and exist. The human being, with mode of life, greatly depended on the fire, in particular, in the ice period of time. Fire gave the man light and gave him warmth, at the same time, the fire was a tool to get protected from the animals and enemies. The fire gradually became a totem for worship.  Barbeque, the first thermally processed food by the human being,   was sacrificed and was eaten as his first hunt.

Barbecue was delicious , and the man wanted to taste again. And the man wanted to thank the Gods for giving him the barbeque. He took a piece of   stone and draw his trophy on a rock. The man painted in order to make barbeque. But that was not enough, he took two sticks and beat the drum, that was the first music, the first drum. And the human being decided to pray to gods for satisfying him with a good hunt.  And dancing was the first pray. And the man danced around his painted picture . So the dancing, painting and music appeared  in the result of barbeque.

Then the man went for hunting. He hunted an animal and grilled again. So,  barbeque became the main delicacy for the human being for thousand years.