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Khorovats (barbeque) is the first human made delicacy. In th
Ascent to Ararat
02.08-08.08 und 17.08-23.08 2015 Day 1 The group will depart
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Hotel “Royal Plaza” ***
Recently opened hotel “Royal Plaza” in Yerevan welcomes
Mirhav Hotel
Mirhav Hotel welcomes its guests offering clean, comfortable
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Facade of Atorik Resturant Atorik Restaurant
Restaurant Atorik is located only 4 km from Alaverdi city to the North, on Yerevan-Tbilisi highway, near the Haghpat village, and in a very nice place- on the bank of Debed river. The restaurant food is purchased from the mountainous villages of Lori
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Pagan Armenia/ 7 days

Dear Friends,
Armenia is known to the world with its many national and traditional features. However, today, when we say Armenia, the first thing which comes on mind, is the Christianity and the Christian culture, since Armenia is the first country to officially obtain Christianity as a state religion in 301.
The tourists arriving to Armenia are mostly get introduced to Armenian Christian culture, the architecture, history, material culture, legends…
We would like to offer you an alternative.
Pre-Christian culture of Armenia is not less reach, especially Armenian temples, legends and the God’s Pantheon, which was called Pantheon of Ararat. It has inherited us lots of pre-Christian beliefs, according to which, Armenia is the land of Creator’s sacred principles and is the human ancestral.
In this tour package, we are pleased to suggest you to also get introduced to Armenian pre-Christian culture, with its rich heritage, rituals, history and architecture. Armenians are a unique nation in the world, which had a God of Hospitality- Vanatour. Hospitality in Armenia is a daily tradition, for which Armenia is also well known worldwide. Welcome to Armenia- the sacred ancestral of the Creator.

Day one
Yerevan city tour
a. Erebouni Museum…
b. Armenia History Museum …
c. Matenadaran…
d. The Blue Mosque…
e. Enjoy the view of Yerevan city from the terrace of the Mother Armenian statue…

Day two
Trip to Khor Virap Monastery, Areni village and Noravank Monastery
a. Khor Virap monastery is one of the sanctuaries of Armenia, located on the territory of one of the oldest capitals of Armenia- Artashat city (Artaxada). According to a Christian legend, before the adoption of Christianity in Armenia, the first Armenian Catholicos- Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned here for 13 years.
According to the old Armenian belief- Ararat Pantheon, there is a nice story, about the Evil Dragon has kidnapped the goddess of love- Astghik, and kept her in the Virap. She was found by the God of War- Vahagn, who could smash Virap by his sward, fight with the Dragon and free the Goddess of Love-Astghik. And again love prevailed and ruled at Armenian land.
b. Areni is considered the world capital of wine-making…
c. Noravank gorge is notable for its significant beauty, diversity of natural scenes and majestic cliffs…

Day three

Qarahunj- Tatev Monastery- Selim Caravanserai- Dilijan
a. Qarahunj- is the oldest in the world observatory, of more than 8000 years old. It is located 200 km south from Yerevan. According to one of the hypothesis, the famous British Stonehenge is built by the Armenian Brit-priests, who went to British Isles from Qarahunj. When visiting Qarahunj, you will time-travel to the depth of thousands of years back and will imagine, how the pagan time priests were studying the stars at the sky.
b. Tatev Monastery- located not far from the Qarahunj, this monastery complex is built in 10th century….
c. Selim Caravanserai…

Day four
Lastiver- Goshavank- Sevan
a. Lastiver- arriving to Ijevan town, and after one hour of trecking, you will reach Lastiver Cave. Here you will see several layers of culture, including the culture of pre-Christian period, the relief carvings of Pagan Gods, Medieval Khachkars (Cross stones). Then, in the gorge you will have time to rest near the mountain waterfalls, and even swim in the clean waters of Forest Rivers.
b. Goshavank- 12th century marvelous masterpiece….
c. Sevan lake…

Day five
Garni temple and Geghard Monastery
a. Garni pagan temple is already 3000 years old. In present style it was built in 78 A.D. It is considered to be the masterpiece of Armenian architecture, which had its huge influence on the Hellenic culture. It worth mentioning, that Garni temple is the only preserved temple on the territory of post Soviet countries. In Garni temple you will take part in a pagan ceremony, will feel the spirit of Armenian Gods, and then will have chance to dine at the pagan priests house, enjoy the evening accompanied with priests and followed with interesting stories about Armenian Pantheon. If there are people in the group, who would like to get married in pagan style, the priests will perform a marriage ritual inside of the temple.
b. Geghard monastery- monastery complex is built in 13th century….

Day six
Metsamor- Sardarapat-Ejmiatsin
a. Metsamor- originally it used to be the temple of Anahit Goddes here, the foundation of which can be seen on spot. Here you will have chance to visit the museum with very rich collection of exhibits, which will definitely make an unforgettable impression on you. Be ready to the fact, that here you will see the world’s oldest copper foundries, which are over 5000 years old.
b. Sardarapat- Here you can find Armenia’s glory museum….
c. The Main Cathedral of all Armenians. Under the altar of the cathedral up to day there are the fragments of the temple of Sandaramet…..
d. Zvartnots temple- At the end of the day, you will visit the temple of Zvartnots. Here,…..
as a conclusion of your visit to Armenia, you will enjoy a show with Armenian dances, performed by dance show Karin. You will get introduced to the history of war dances, which were performed by Armenian warriors after the victories in the wars with enemies.

Day seven
Departure from Armenia

Fill in the form and request the full version of the tour, which we will be able to adjust in accordance with the dates of your trip.
We assure you, that this visit will become unforgettable for you.

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Did you know, that...

  • Downloaded from (Makloo's Male animal genitalia) Did you know, that…

    The statue of four horses on the top of the St. Markus temple in Venice, which has been prepared in Armenia in 1st century and presented from Armenian king Tiridatus the I-st to the Roman Emperor Nero.

  • Kaputan Did you know, that…

    Kaputan lake’s water is 7 times more salty then the ocean. It is impossible to sink in it.

  • Tigran The Great Did you know, that …

    Did you know, that… There are more operas devoted to the Armenian king Tigran The Great, than to any other king in the world. European composers have devoted to Tigran the Great 24 operas, and another 17 operas are devoted to Mithradates VI Eupator, where Tigran The Great appears as a main hero. Among Armenian compsers there is only Tigran Chakhujyan, who has referred to Tigran the Great.

  • Matenadaran (2) Did you know, that…

    Did you know, that…? The first bookhouse in the world, engaged in selling bookings has been opened in BC 1st century by Armenian mam named Tiran. According to Roman Historian Suida, Tiran has collected over 30 000 of books.