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Khorovats (barbeque) is the first human made delicacy. In th
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Facade of Atorik Resturant Atorik Restaurant
Restaurant Atorik is located only 4 km from Alaverdi city to the North, on Yerevan-Tbilisi highway, near the Haghpat village, and in a very nice place- on the bank of Debed river. The restaurant food is purchased from the mountainous villages of Lori
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Khorovats (barbeque) is the first human made delicacy. In that sense it is a universal delicacy. But for the Armenians it has a ritual delicacy. Khoravats  is the most loved appetizer, and as a rule the guests of honor is served. In the Northern region of Armenia Lori, in city Aghtala, every year in September there is a regional Khorovats festival. Our participants are numbers of popular cooks from well known restaurants as well as we have visitors from Russia, Georgia and Greece.

From the past year’s regional festivals we have gain results of many khorovats (barbeque) recipes presented by the cooks. There is a Barbeque cookbook available with tens of recipes translated into three languages, Armenian, Russian and English.

If You have planed to visit Armenia this September by Tir-Ar organization, You will have the opportunity to take part in the Regional Khorovats Festival, not just to be a visitor.

You will be provided with manghal (where khorovats will be prepared), the raw meet and the rest of the ingredients. And you will have the opportunity to compete with the famous cooks of Armenia, by using your cooking skills and knowledge.

This year, the regional Khorovats festival will be The 12-13th of September.

Tir-Ar organization suggest a visit to Armenia. You will be impressed not only by the beauty of our country’s fall season, but also you will be able to show your cooking skills and also earn many presents from Armenia.

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    The statue of four horses on the top of the St. Markus temple in Venice, which has been prepared in Armenia in 1st century and presented from Armenian king Tiridatus the I-st to the Roman Emperor Nero.

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    Kaputan lake’s water is 7 times more salty then the ocean. It is impossible to sink in it.

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    Did you know, that… There are more operas devoted to the Armenian king Tigran The Great, than to any other king in the world. European composers have devoted to Tigran the Great 24 operas, and another 17 operas are devoted to Mithradates VI Eupator, where Tigran The Great appears as a main hero. Among Armenian compsers there is only Tigran Chakhujyan, who has referred to Tigran the Great.

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    Did you know, that…? The first bookhouse in the world, engaged in selling bookings has been opened in BC 1st century by Armenian mam named Tiran. According to Roman Historian Suida, Tiran has collected over 30 000 of books.