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Facade of Atorik Resturant Atorik Restaurant
Restaurant Atorik is located only 4 km from Alaverdi city to the North, on Yerevan-Tbilisi highway, near the Haghpat village, and in a very nice place- on the bank of Debed river. The restaurant food is purchased from the mountainous villages of Lori
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Богиня Анаит

Անահիտ Աստվածամայր

Word “pagan” in Armenian sounds like HETANOS, originating from Greek word ETNOS-meaning nation. So Paganism is a national belief.
According to Armenian old belief- Arian belief, the Gods and the human has been created by The Creator in Armenia. The big quantity of Armenian location names, including the country name- Armenia starting with AR, proves it.
In accordance with the Armenian belief, the only creating nature is the Arian race, which originates from the Creator and the Gods. So the Race is the highest social category.

There are immortal Gods, which are the well known Gods of Armenian Pantheon. And there are mortal ones, who have become God due to their origin and activity. Among the second group there are persons, who are known as historical figure- Hayk Nahapet (Hayk the Tribal Chief), Ara the Beautiful, Garegin Nejdeh.

Armenian Pantheon was very big, and unfortunately it didn’t reach us in full. During the kingdom of Van, Menua I the King engraved on the rock the names of Gods and even mentioned what shall be sacrificed to each God. During the reign of Orontid dynasty there remained 8 main Gods, while others were viewed as divinities….

The most beloved God of Armenian pantheon is Vahagn- the God of War, who’sе birthday is celebrated on March 21st, the New Year day of Arian Armenians and other Arian nations. Then it should be the Goddess Anahit. Anahit was the Goddess of Love, Fertility and Wisdom. She was the Mother Goddess of Armenian pantheon.
Goddess Astghik was the beloved one of Vahagn, and was the Goddess of Love as well. There is a Vardavar festival devoted to the love of these two Gods.
In general, all Armenian Christian holidays have pagan origins, which were adopted by Christianity and with some changes, were included into the Church events calendar.
In Armenian pantheon, there was a God symbolizing the Justice and the Motion of Cosmic items- Mithra-Artavasdes.
The God of Science and Education was Tir. The worship of Tir was the most common and loved one. There are many Armenian names originating from Tir. i.e. Tiridates- meaning Judged by Tir, or endowed with grace of Tir. In the beginning it was a title, and only later became a name.

There are other beloved worships, such as Goddess Nane, Goddess Tsovinar, Goddess Nuard, etc. All of them had a creative feature and their images have been preserved up to day in the Armenian folklore and everyday life.

All Armenian rituals took place either in the temples or around the fireplace or tondir (Armenian traditional oven).
Nowadays the only preserved temple is Garni temple. The model of Armenian temples has been saved in the Assyrian-Babylonian inscriptions. The prototype is the temple of Musasir, which used to be the spiritual center of Van Kingdom. The model of Musasir temple was later taken and widely used by Greeks as Hellenic style expression. On top of Armenian temples it was a lance standing upward. Temples were also serving as a weapon warehouse, since the first duty of the arians and the pagan priests was to serve to the protection of the Holy land Armenia- made by the Creator. Pagan priests were considered to be even higher class than the nobility. Pagan priests even had their army and have participated in the protection of the country. Priests were in charge of the lawsuit system of the country, and were judging by the laws of Mithra-Artavasdes.
In those places, where there was no temple, all religious rituals were held around the tondir. Since the main Armenian belief is the Creator, it will not be correct to say that Armenians had multiple Gods.

In general, in result of intersections of cultures between the nations, some similarities also raised in the Gods pantheons. Particularly, Persians, who are originally Arians, have taken many elements from Armenian belief. Same as Greeks. Even in the second century A.D, in result of mutual impacts on cultural, in the Athena near the statue of the protector of city- Pallas Athena, there was also erected the statue of the Goddess Anahit. This means that Armenian Pantheon was left untouched during the period of Hellenism and sometimes even prevailed over the Greek one.

Nevertheless we call ourselves HAY, we are known to the world as a nation of Armen, which means creative man. This also proves that Armenia is a land made by The Creator.