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Khorovats (barbeque) is the first human made delicacy. In th
Ascent to Ararat
02.08-08.08 und 17.08-23.08 2015 Day 1 The group will depart
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Hotel “Royal Plaza” ***
Recently opened hotel “Royal Plaza” in Yerevan welcomes
Mirhav Hotel
Mirhav Hotel welcomes its guests offering clean, comfortable
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Facade of Atorik Resturant Atorik Restaurant
Restaurant Atorik is located only 4 km from Alaverdi city to the North, on Yerevan-Tbilisi highway, near the Haghpat village, and in a very nice place- on the bank of Debed river. The restaurant food is purchased from the mountainous villages of Lori
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The only language to talk to the God is Armenian. (Lord George Gordon Byron)

Armenian is of the oldest languages in the world, the age of which counts more that 5000 years, and according to the opinion of many scientists, Armenian- is the Indo-European basic language. And according to the authors of first Armenian historical comparative method, led by H. Peterman and F. Windischmann, Armenian language belongs to the Indo-Iranian (Arian) language group.

In the second half of 19th century, when philology and linguistics started to develop rapidly, German philologist HEINRICH HÜBSCHMANN, proved in his article “The position of Armenian in the sphere Indo-European languages” published in 1875, that Armenian is a separate branch inside of Indo-European languages.
Armenian is the mother language of Armenians. 8-10mln people in the worlds speak Armenian. Armenian is the state language of the Republic of Armenian and the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh. Armenian language originated parallel to the born of Armenian people.
Until the 5th century, it was preserved through the inscriptions, and from the 5th century- through the Armenian Alphabet created by Mesrop Mashtots.
The process of the development of Armenian language can be divided into 3 stages: the old Armenian (V-XI cc) middle Armenian (XII-XVI cc), new Armenian- present Armenian (starting from XVII cc). Parallel to the old Armenian, there were also several dialects of spoken Armenian.
Armenian is a very rich language. It has 36 letters, from which 6 are vowels and 30 are consonants. This is enough to express the whole sound system of Armenian.