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«Tir-Ar» Tour company has started its activity from the Guiding Courses. The idea of starting a guiding course has occurred very randomly… Armenian people have very rich historical and cultural heritage. Armenians are those, who stand at the roots of world civilization. However there are many controversial opinions about the history and culture of Armenian nation related to new sources and research results, which pass a new flavor to the interpretation of separate issues. So we decided to make our first steps in the tourism industry by opening guiding courses, which aim to provide to our tourists the history and culture in a new way, brighter and more colorful, according to Armenians and Armenian hospitality.


But first, let me introduce myself to you. I am Vahe Antanesyan, historian, writer and publicist. During the last three years I have presented to public nine books and more than three hundred articles. The majority of the articles is about Armenian history and the culture. Due to the profession of historian, I have travelled all over my ancient country for years, the amazing country, where each time same things are explored in a different way. Each time visiting one or another sightseeing spot, I have been time-travelling to those periods, to the depth of the centuries to feel the history of that exact monument.


Today we live in completely different reality. 21st century provides very wide range of opportunities to the people. People, who can even travel to far away countires, staying at home, sitting in their offices, in front of their computers. However nothing can replace the real travelling. You will definitely discover a new Armenia, only when you travel to Armenia in real, a country, whic is the source of global civilization, you will touch the stone monumnets coming from the debth of thousands of years and will have live interaction with our guides.


Dear Friends, we love our country and are going to share with our guests the miracle treasures of Armenian nature. When you ever decide to travel to Armenia, be sure, you will find thousands surprises here… and, in the divine country- place of creation, you may even discover  your new personal self…


Sincerely yours,

Vane Antanesyan


Tir-Ar Travel Director