About TIR-AR Cultural Foundation

Dear Friends,

In the nearest future we are planning to establish “Tir-Ar” Cultural Foundation, the aim of which is to spread the Armenian culture. The foundation will be in charge of organizing mass events, festivals, publishing materials and cooperating with cultural institutions, and also will cover educational sphere.

There are many well known cultural, educational, scientific, and public figures in Armenia and abroad, who have expressed their willingness to join the activities led by “Tir-Ar” Foundation.
We need devoted people, who cherish and love Armenia and the precious Armenian culture. We are ready to work and cooperate with people and organizations, the goals of which suit ours, i.e. the recovery and revealing of Armenian culture, and protection of the nation.

The sphere of activities of “Tir-Ar” Foundation is going to be very large: Armenian traditional songs and dances, rituals, literature, arts, etc. In one word, we will dedicate our activities to each and every sphere which concerns Armenian nation, our country and centuries-old culture.

We will be happy to welcome in our team those devotees, who would like to undertake these activities.
We will be looking forward to your feed backs.