People and Language

The Armenians are the natives of Armenian highland, one of the creators of world civilization. A German scientist, Schliemann, back in time said that Europe’s misfortune lied in the fact that they had accepted the Greek civilization as the basis of their civilization and not the Armenian one.

The Armenian nation is spread all over the world. According to the most unassuming estimates there are 13 million Armenians living in the world, not taking into consideration millions of Muslim and furtive Armenians living in present-day Turkey.

The Armenians consider Hayk Nahapet to be their ancestor, thus the nation was named after him.  Other nations call the Armenians “Armen”, which in Armenian means “Creator-man”. Armenia’s northern neighbors, Georgians, call them “Somekhi”.

The Armenians belong to Armenoid anthropological type (to which almost all of the European nations belong), moreover, the explorers state that the Armenoid’s fore-homeland is the Armenian highland itself, because of which that anthropological type was called Armenoid, that is Armenian.

The Armenians created their culture, civilization in the Armenian Highland thousands of years ago. The first Armenian states, like Aratta, Hayasa, Arme-Shupria, were formed at the beginning of 2000 BC.

The Armenian language is a separate unit of Indo-European language family. The Armenian language is spoken in the Republic of Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, in the southern parts of Georgia and Russian Federation, mainly inhabited by Armenians, and in Armenian diaspora.

According to one of the assumptions exactly Armenia was the fore-homeland of Indo-European languages.

The present Armenian alphabet was created in 405 by Mesrop Mashtots. Early medieval documents witnessed the existence of fore-Mashtots writing. The alphabet consists of 39 letters and 36 sounds, and completely expresses the difficult phonetic system of the Armenian language.

The famous English poet of the 18th century, George Gordon Byron, expressed beautiful and felicitous thought: “The only language of communication with God is the Armenian language”.